Adressed to Professional Consultants willing to certify their knowledge and skills in the field of Communication Pragmatics.

Attending to the official CPI Communication Pragmatics Intensive Seminar ( is a minimum requisite to aspire to this certification and aspirants will be tested with a personal certification plan that will take no less than one year.


Integrated Leadership Model is a solid conceptual frame that contains the best in class pragmatic communication tools to unleash the personal power of leaders in organizations.

Through the certification process, aspirants will have the opportunity to test and officially demonstrate their knowledge and practical skills in this model. This certification has the following degrees certifying different levels of competency:

ILM One: Individual Leadership.
ILM Two: Team Leadership.
ILM Three: Organization Leadership.

Each level is certified separatedly and being successfully certified in one level is a requisite to aspire to certification in the next one.